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Events & Exhibitions

We have added many eye catchers to events and exhibitions. Our work of Projection mapping, Stereo graphic films, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Holographic Presentation and Touch Kiosk are highly appreciated for may prestigious Events.

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Product Rendering

Designing, Rendering and Presenting the products in a miraculous way is what we do for our clients. We create virtual designs of the product and packaging to present it in a best way. Jewellery Industry, Cosmetic industry, Pharma Industry, Electrical Industry etc. are best benefited by our services.

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2D/3D Animation

2D and 3D animation is the heart of any virtual creation. We see no existence of any virtual thing without 2D/3D design whether it is cartoon films, augmented world, Virtual Reality, TV games to current hi-fi gaming or may be the latest training trends and assistance trend.

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Game Development

What is the best use of your great art work on 2D/3D platform? Gaming takes the highest chunk from Entertainment industry and we are putting our best in game development. We do it for ourselves and hence we do it the best.

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Visual Effects

Visual Effects (VFX) is most used technology in film making. How an animated character/object would look like without appropriate advanced realistic effects that are so expensive or impossible to create in real world. We do the impossible using VFX that includes particle system, fire simulation, water simulation, dynamics and photogrammetry etc.

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Architectural Animation

It has now become a conventional thing for the real estate industry to do the architectural representation through 3D animation. It is the best way to project the expected outcome by the virtue of 3D models and walkthrough. We have become a part of this conventional animation from the time it was unique.

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Film Making

Animation and Film is an awesome combo! We do all it takes to deliver an animation film that start from production planning, story boarding, character designing, animation, sound engineering & recording, VFX and rendering. We have been working with creative agencies to give the best cut to their short films and adverts.

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Creative Advertising

Creative agencies are always working over new ideas to showcase the products and services of their clients. We have been nurturing their creativity by providing technological aid to their creative thoughts. Our services like3D projection mapping, VR, AR, Holographic projection and animation have worked for them at various levels.

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Motion Capture

Animation industry has always struggled to capture fast, highly flexible and bold actions. To make it look more natural and realistic the technology called motion capture came to existence with which we can capture, record and replicate the intense motions like running, athlete motions, martial arts, dance moves, parker moves and expressions. We have been capturing this moments with sensor system.

Hardware Rental

Choose from a wide range of high end hardwars for any technology events

High Lumens Projectors

We have high lumens projectors up to 14k which delivers the best output in low light and covers a great area of projection.


VR Devices

HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are highly recommended devices for VR presentations which delivers the best performance. We always have both handy for your important events.


High End Systems

We understand the value of system performance for your high end work where you need a high end system to deliver the best output. We already have systems with latest i9 processors with up to 64 GB of RAM and multiple GPUs.

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